Being Productive In The Workplace

Being Productive In The Workplace

Truth be told, our attention span is fairly short; in fact, as we write this, we’re already thinking about what plants to buy this weekend. Thankfully we’re not the only one struggling to concentrate at work, recent studies show that procrastination has quadrupled in the last thirty years, and the reason why? We’re all as busy as ever. Juggling your child’s ballet practise, the weekly food shop and the, what-seems-like-hundreds, of washing loads can be tricky. No wonder that tedious report you’ve been trying to finish for days is still not quite there. If you feel on the verge of an early mid-life crisis, read our advice on being more productive in the workplace.

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Don’t get bogged down with one task
Staring at a blank page for hours on end will get you nowhere (trust us on this one.) If the creativity is lacking, focus your attention on completing another task, usually we’ll be halfway through something else before inspiration strikes for the first job we were working on.

Take a break from the desk
Although you risk looking like a hyper Jack Russell bounding up and down the office every 10 minutes, by taking a quick break every time you’re feeling particularly unmotivated can help to clear your head and leave you inspired form the moment you sit back down.

Remove all distractions
We physically have to move our phones from eyesight as soon as we start a project. A little dramatic? Agreed, but it’s the only way we stand a chance of getting any work done. Apparently, we check our phones every twelve minutes, restraining yourself from checking your Instagram will give you a lot of valuable working hours back.

Create a nice working environment
Here at Truly HQ, we fully embrace this, you can barely move for scented candles, flowers and more desk plants than you can shake a stick at. In all seriousness, you are less likely to be distracted by cluttered objects, leading to increased productivity. Gather your succulent’s ladies.

It pays to be anti-social
Although it’s lovely that Sarah from Finance has finally got her 6-month-old to sleep through the night, sometimes the constant baby updates can be distracting. Consider zoning out by listening to music or a motivational podcast.