A Guide To Sleeping Better

A Guide To Sleeping Better

Let’s be totally honest, going to bed is probably one of the best parts of the day, the divine feeling of tumbling into soft, silky sheets really is unbeatable. So if we love sleeping so much, why is the average Brit getting just six hours and 19 minutes of sleep each night? The answer most probably lies in your sheets. Read on to find out how to sleep better. 

Up until recently, I mainly picked out my bedding depending on what pattern I liked the most, never really paying attention to the materials. Certain fabrics contain “moisture-wicking” properties, so by picking bedding which absorbs moisture, you’ll find your sleep a lot more comfortable. Oh, the glamour.

Contrary to popular belief, thread count doesn’t mean a lot. While most of us think a high thread count means better quality, it’s really just the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. So, the more weaving and twisting of the thread just makes it thicker and not necessarily ‘higher quality.’

While buying a decent mattress and pillows isn’t exactly the most exciting of investments, better quality bedding will really benefit your body and sleep routine. Spend a lot of time deciding what works for best for you, if you have back issues, a firmer mattress is probably best for you and always ensure your head is fully supported.

Ensuring you live in a clean bedroom is vital to getting a good night’s sleep. Aim to wash your sheets every week to avoid a build-up of bacteria and odour, all of our bed linen is machine washable just to make your life that little bit easier. We would also advise making your bedroom a technology-free zone if you can, even if your phone is just on the nightstand, it emits a blue night which actually suppresses melatonin and makes it harder for you to sleep.

We’ve designed our bedding especially to work around you. Our Percale bedding, for example, is commonly seen as an everyday bedding because the weave structure allows for more breathing, which is better for Summer.

Our Sateen works best for the Winter because the shine doesn’t allow air to flow through as well, keeping you toasty when it’s cold.