Forging a Career In Your Twenties

Forging a Career In Your Twenties

“Choices. Life’s full of them. Some right, some wrong but perhaps the biggest choice ultimately comes down to choosing your career path. By 17 we’ve already decided if we’re going to University or not, what we’re studying and most importantly where the cheapest student pub is. Before you know it, three years have passed, and you’re thrust into the real world with a paper degree and false sense of confidence. Daunting doesn’t cover it. Here’s some career tips for your twenties:”

After living in post-graduate bliss for a month, the what seems like, hundreds of relatives incessantly asking what your plan is, starts to wear thin and it’s time to enter the next phase – adulthood. Here’s where the hard work starts. Here are our tips to succeed:

To infini-tea & beyond

Time to accept that you’re at the bottom of the food chain and although making endless cups of tea for your new role isn’t exactly what you planned your expensive new degree would get you, it DOES show commitment and a great excuse to network with colleagues.

Be Bold

Yes, it’s awkward and uncomfortable to send that initial speculative email with the knowledge that it probably won’t get as far as an open but be brave and put yourself out there. BTW – remember to attach your CV and NOT a Jamie Oliver recipe as one unlucky girl made the mistake in doing.

Do what you love quote

Find a good work/social life balance

From going to just about making two lectures a week to a 9 to 5, seven-day-a-week job, it’s easy to become slightly consumed by work. After graduating and moving to a new city where I didn’t know anyone, it’s safe to say my new job became my main focal point. I know, I’m a riot at parties. Your first job is, of course, a crucial part of your life but slipping one (or two) G&T’s in after work will keep you sane.

Don’t settle

If you end up in the job of your dreams first time around, count yourself lucky. Nine times out of ten your first job will be a bit pants but for every rubbish job, you move closer to finding your perfect role. Don’t beat yourself up over not being in your dream job from the get-go, it’s a chance to learn about yourself, what you’re capable of and ultimately what you need from your new role.