How To Survive The January Blues

January: Everyone’s least favourite month. It’s cold and dark outside, you’re broke, and the Christmas festivities have ended. The post celebration come-down and having to re-adjust to going back to work is never easy, even for the most optimistic ones of us. To help our Truly family through this tough and slightly depressing month, we’ve put together some of our favourite ways to survive the January blues.

Pug wrapped in a blanket on a bedspread thinking how to survive the January blues

1. Have something to look forward to

Plan a holiday, if you can, so you have something to look forward to. If there’s one thing that can get you through those cold winter months, it’s daydreaming about sunbathing on a gorgeous beach. It may seem faraway, but research shows that the simple act of planning and anticipating a getaway can give you that much needed boost of happiness.

2. Treat yourself

Aside from long-term plans, schedule some nice little pick-me-ups throughout the day. Make yourself an extra delicious lunch the night before, so when you wake up, you know you have that to look forward to. Or book in a catch up with your bestie after work so you can be a source of motivation for each other through this challenging time. 

3. Exercise

We’re not necessarily advocating flocking to your local gym(unless that’s what you’re in to) but something as simple as going for a brisk walk is the perfect way to get your blood pumping to give you some vitality. Bonus points if you manage to go whilst the sun is still out so you can soak up that vitamin D. Remember, exercise = endorphins = happiness. The maths is simple! It may be hard to force yourself to go, but the outcome is worth it.

4. Work through your worries

If you’re feeling down in the dumps in January, the chances are that you have things on your mind which are troubling you. If you’re worried about money, your job, or relationships, write down what is bothering you and create a plan to improve the situation. By putting yourself in the driving seat you will feel more in control of the situation. Creating a realistic time frame to achieve this can be helpful in making sure you actually do it. For example, give yourself a deadline by Spring or Summer that you will double your score for that area in your life you wish to improve. If you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts, read our post 5 ways to be mindful at work.

5. Try something new

If you’re stuck in a rut and want to embrace the new year, trying a new hobby and stepping out your comfort zone can be the perfect way to give you that new lease of life. You will learn a new skill, get out the house and feel a renewed sense of optimism. Book that course or dance lesson you’ve always wanted to try but felt too scared, you will be able to look back next January and be glad you did.