Make your garden Sustainable for National Gardening Week

It’s National Gardening Week and Spring is by far one of our favourite times of the year; the days are longer, the sun is shining, everything seems more hopeful and we start to notice those little hints of Summer colour bursting into life. We are also busy in the garden planting new seedlings and planning our veggie garden. Here at Truly, we try to be as sustainable as possible; from the materials our clothes are made from, right down to what we put in our garden. Read on for our top tips on how to garden sustainably.

Alter your pots

Use coir pots for vegetable seedlings that will degrade in the ground, or you can even reuse tin cans for growing on baby plants


While we try our best to avoid using plastic pots, we do make sure to reuse these to avoid sending more landfill than necessary.

Make your own compost

If you have the space, make your own compost using leftover veggies and peelings in a large covered container. Just make sure no meat or dairy go in as these will attract unwanted attention from other creatures. Then in six months, you’ll have a rich homemade soil for your plants. If space permits, make your own compost using leftover veggies and peelings in a large covered container. Make sure no meat or dairy go in though, as they will attract unwanted attention from ‘other’ creatures. In 6 months you’ll have a rich home-made soil for your plants.

Use a Water Butt

Get a water butt: and collect rainwater to water your plants where possible. Not only is this better for the environment, but you’re saving money too!

Invest in Copper Tape

Place copper tape around the edges of your pots, which will also help to deter slugs.

Don’t bin your Coffee Grounds

Slugs and snails can often be a bit of a battle, but slug pellets can poison other wildlife. Collect leftover coffee grounds from coffee shops and supermarkets (for free!) and sprinkle them generously around the stems. Slugs and snails are not coffee connoisseurs and will avoid at all costs! Pests also devour tender plants such as delphiniums and lupins. As well as the coffee grounds, put the plants in pots and place inside a border: this will raise them, making them less likely to be munched.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve got any tips for gardening sustainably and how you are celebrating National Gardening Week.