New Year, Same You

The best gift is you quote painted on a brick wall

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘New Year, New You’, but we’re about to turn wellness on its head and encourage you to forget everything you know about New Year’s resolutions.

Last year, only a quarter of Brits managed to keep all their resolutions, so in the likely event that you won’t keep up with yours, why not completely avoid it altogether? As the New Year approaches, we often feel pressure to reinvent ourselves and become the “perfect” version of us. The problem often lies when February rolls around and you haven’t kept up with your goals. We invite you to scrap that “perfect” vision of who you want to become, and more importantly, the shame you feel for not becoming a better person, why? Because it’s time to think about the extraordinary person you already are.

You’re already great

Often, when we don’t live up to the high standards we set ourselves; we tend to feel bad that we haven’t already succeeded in becoming an idealistic version of ourselves. Meaning we feel crappy and are highly likely to end up doing the complete opposite of what we initially set out to do. Planning to lose weight? Queue not making it to the gym + eating a takeout = feeling bad and then eating more food and putting on more weight.

When we say we’re going to get better, we’re inherently telling ourselves that we’re not already good enough. Instead, if we turn resolutions on their head and say that we’re already great just the way we are,we may end up having an even happier and more productive year.

Take Stock

Instead of reflecting on your 2018 resolutions, and whether you managed to stick to them or not; take stock of all the wonderful qualities you already possess and work out how you can share those qualities with others in the new year. It sounds counter-intuitive not to create goals and have a strategic plan, however,  2019 can finally be the year that you have a resolution you can finally stick to.


2019 will be the year you accept and love yourself exactly as you are. We know it’s not always easy to simply change your mindset but reinforcing positive affirmations about yourself are a great way to start. We always start our day with an affirmation card which emphasises positive beliefs throughout the day.

Make 2019 the year you stop beating yourself up for all that you haven’t done, and start rewarding yourself for everything you’ve already accomplished. Trust us, you’re doing great!