Relax… The kids are back to school

Relax smile and laugh, the kids are finally back at school!

For some of us, it’s been a long 7 weeks and while of course, we enjoy spending the Summer holidays with our children, it’s now time for some much-needed TLC! So, kick back, change into some cosy clothes and relax, here’s how…

Press pause

Like us, you’ve probably been running around after everyone for the last few weeks, and now it’s time to slow down. Give yourself the room to have some mental space and take a few minutes out. Whether it’s running a bath with a luxury Bath Powder or getting comfy on the sofa with soft velvet Cushions and a Throw, put the phone down and clear the diary.

Create a calming space

Everyone needs a clutter-free space, so once that’s completed find a scent you love and spread it throughout your home. The Truly Night Range will allow you to take a moment and unwind, infused with a gentle blend of clary sage, chamomile and lavender, sweet orange, patchouli and coriander. It’s a traditional twist on spa ingredients that lend themselves to a calming environment.

Just breathe

Your breath is the controllable rhythm of your body, so listen and feel the pace of your breathing. It may sound simple, but breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Focus on it until you feel an even rhythm.

Let your body go!

The constant shout of “Muuuum” probably leaves tension running through your body. Starting at your toes, move through each muscle in your body, tense each limb and then go limp feeling the tension wash away.

Take stock of your blessings

Whilst family can drive you mad, it’s the most precious thing in the world. Think about all of the wonderful things in your life and let those warm feelings flow.

We hope that this has helped bring a smile back to your face and a spring to your step. If not, there’s always a nice cold glass of Chardonnay!