Tara’s Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe

Nothing says Christmas more than a classic Christmas pudding. Traditionally we like to make ours on Stir Up Sunday (Sunday 25th November) which has become a marker in the Jones household that Christmas is just around the corner.  The idea of Stir-up Sunday is that everyone, from eldest to youngest, stirs the batter before it is placed into the pudding bowl thinking good wishes and thoughts, as they do so, ensuring that good wishes come to the Christmas table.

Although, don’t worry if you’ve missed the boat on the traditional date to bake it. You can still get your mixing bowl out anytime throughout the festive season and enjoy the scent of Christmas wafting through the house. Enjoy! 

Ingredients List:

Dried Fruit of choice, we use: 
150g Sultanas 
150g Raisins
75g Dried Cranberries
75g Dried Apricot
25g Candied Peel 
50ml Rum / Orange Juice
Zest and Juice of a Large Orange
Butter to grease pudding bowl
1tbsp Ground Cinnamon
1tbsp Mixed Spice
125g Muscovado Sugar/ Brown Soft Sugar
50g Plain Flour
50g White Breadcrumbs – the ends of a loaf whizzed in a processor 
1 Large Egg
25g Vegetarian Suet


In a large microwaveable bowl, soak the dried fruit, zest and juice of an orange and candied peel in the Rum or Orange juice overnight. If time is an issue then add the dried fruit etc into the bowl with the rum, cover with reusable wrap and microwave for 2 mins then leave to stand.

Grease a 900ml pudding bowl with the butter and prepare a square of 45cm foil with the same size baking parchment and fold through the centre then set aside.

Mix all remaining ingredients into the soaked fruit and then spoon into pudding bowl, packing tightly. Place the foil and parchment (foil side up) over the bowl and secure with string around the outside and loop over the bowl to make a handle.

Take a large saucepan and place a heatproof saucer or bowl in the bottom, place the prepared pudding on top of the saucer and pour in water to halfway up the sides of the pudding bowl, try not to get any on the lid of the pudding. Bring to the boil and simmer for 4 and a half hours, please check the water level every 30 mins and top up as necessary.

Once cooked allow to cool and then cover with reusable wrap and store in a cool dark place for up to months, occasionally feeding your pudding with 2tbsp of rum which will be absorbed and add to the flavour, the frequency is up to you.

To Serve:

Microwave your pudding minus the foil and wrap for 4 mins, stand a minute and heat again for 4 mins. Once removed from the microwave, place your serving dish over the top, hold onto the bottom and turn over so that the pudding is upside down and remove the bowl, we decorate with a sprig of holly then serve on our beautiful Constellation plate.