Super Blood Moon – What is it?

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At Truly, we love all things astrology. So, we’re over the moon (if you’ll excuse the pun) that at the end of this month, an incredible Super Blood Moon will be happening between the 20th to the 21st January 2019.

What is a super blood Moon?

A Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse with the added effect of the Moon appearing red. An eclipse happens when the Earth moves in-between the Sun and the Moon. Our planet blocks the Sun’s light and casts its shadow on to the Moon.

Due to the way the light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere during an eclipse, red light from the sun is reflected onto the moon, giving it the red appearance. Hence the name ‘Blood Moon’.

Why is it a super blood Moon?

The Lunar eclipse happening this month is going to be bigger and brighter than usual. This is why we call it a Super Blood Moon.

The next total lunar eclipse won’t take place until May 2021, so it’s defintely worth putting in your calendar to catch a glimpse.

How does the Moon affect us?

You may have heard in jest that people go loopy when there’s a full moon. Some people who believe strongly in astrology and the power that the moon has over us, say that the Blood Moon will affect our actions and emotions.

The Blood Moon is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st Century. Combine this with the sun in Leo (which is a fire sign) and the Moon near Mars on the same day – the planet of action, aggression and vitality; it can be a recipe for chaos!

In the run up to the lunar eclipse, it is advised to take a deep breath before you speak, as you may have a short fuse and could sever personal and professional relationships.

Blood Moon Ritual

Looking to get the most out of the eclipse? The Super Blood Moon is predicted to give off heightened energy which makes it a great time to do some goal setting.

The energy of the cosmic event is said to give you a lunar boost to help you get what you want. You can meditate facing the Moon and visualise your goals becoming a reality, or you can write them out on a piece of paper.

A Truly favourite of ours is to utilise our creative side and create a vision board where you piece together things you would like to happen in the near future. It’s a great way to set intentions for the upcoming year.

However you decide to spend the Super Blood Moon, we hope you manage to enjoy its marvellous beauty and maybe even snap a picture. If you love astrology as much as we do, check out our story behind our autumn/winter constellation range.  

Truly constellation print