Surviving The Monday Morning Gloom

It’s Monday morning and you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as if you’re about to fall from a scary height, yet in reality, it’s your alarm going off to wake you up for work. We all have mornings where we’d rather stay in bed, especially a Monday morning where you have to adjust your mindset from maximum chilling to professional adult with responsibilities. Sometimes, we all need a bit of support to see us through the struggle, so here are some ways to help you start enjoying your day.

What Do You Get if You Mix…

What do you get if you mix a design guru with a dragon and a bunch of passionate, obsessive individuals?

With her creative energy, Peter’s other half Tara is really the heart of the brand; making her the perfect person to spearhead Truly and create, produce and deliver beautiful products that make life easier.

While you may know Peter as the hard-nosed cheeky dragon, we know him fondly as our modern-day Superman. Like a real-life superhero, Peter is a phenomenal entrepreneur who knows how to build a business from the ground up.