Art Of Juggling… Parenthood

The definition of parenthood is “the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved.”

The keyword here – responsibilities, there are a LOT of them, in fact, I’m convinced Superwoman was loosely based on a tired, overworked mum. Of course, we love our children to death but frankly, it can be bloody hard to smash the glass ceiling whilst simultaneously removing Lego from darling Harry’s nose (for the third time this week.) How I hear you ask, is it possible to master the art of juggling parenthood? Answer – with some difficulty but fear not, Truly to the rescue.

Limit overtime hours 

Your career is a huge part of life, it’s something we’ve been working towards since we stepped into a classroom, but juggling parenthood and a career is difficult. Prioritising is key and understanding what’s more important in that instance, is staying at work late to finish that report worth it? Try to limit your overtime hours in the office each week or prepare those meeting notes in the evening. It’s all about what works for you.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

As much as you may want to, it’s virtually impossible to do it alone. It’s important that your children learn how to do chores, not only does it take some of the pressure off you, but it also teaches them to be independent. No one is expecting that the house is immaculate every day, we give advice not dish out miracles! But simple chores like stacking their plates in the dishwasher or putting book bags away as soon as they’re back from school will make life easier for all concerned. Also, take advantage of that friendly neighbour or your parents living close by, don’t feel embarrassed for needing to ask for help, every Batman needs their Robin.

Illustration of mother and daughter. Mother is pulling daughter along on a toy and juggling parenthood.

Take some time for yourself

Take some time to recharge before you burn out. It can often feel like you barely get 5 minutes to yourself all week, let alone half an hour each evening but self-care is so important to your wellbeing as well as everyone around you. So be selfish, run a bubble bath and reward yourself with some much-needed peace and quiet. Alternatively, enjoy a date night with your partner whenever you can, an evening with good food and wine will remind you why the daily struggles of juggling parenthood are worth it.

Catch up with the girls

Having a friend to laugh and share child-related frustrations with is crucial and by working them around your everyday life, it’s easier to see them more often than you think. Meet a friend during your lunch break or organise a play-date after school with your favourite mum.

It’s completely ok to be overwhelmed at times, it would be strange if you weren’t but managing your time is a lot easier than you think, utilise the people around you and look after yourself too.