The Bedding Guide: For Summer Nights

Creating a relaxing and cooling environment at home during those hot summer nights is crucial, and we know, it’s easier said than done but we’ve given it a go anyway and now we’re sharing our favourite tips with you lovely lot…  

Choose a light coloured bedding

Light bedding will give your room that fresh feeling the instant you walk in. Why not treat yourself to a new set? We’ve focused on that fresh feeling during the summer and if you’re a sucker for a Floral print, try our signature Light Floral Bedding. If you’re about simplicity then give the Satin Stitch a try to create that luxury hotel feel.

close your curtains

During the day, when the temperature reaches its hottest, make sure you have pulled your curtains closed and your blinds or shutters are down. We fully embrace the hermit-lifestyle for a couple of hours because it allows us to feel cool and calm.

Top Up

Make sure you’re staying hydrated by taking a glass of water to bed with you. The Fluted Tumblers are a stylish way to keep topping up.

Go with 100% cotton

Comfortable and cool cotton is always the best choice to beat the heat. 100% cotton is perfect when it comes down to your bedding as the fabric is best known for its breathability. Plus if you get a bit hot and sweaty (who doesn’t?) it’s super easy to clean and will dry quickly too and is there really anything nicer than freshly washed sheets? The Embroidered Bedding is a beautifully thought-out design, that comes in our favourite summer composition with the added detailing.

Swap it Out

Swap your duvet from your winter weight to a nice light summer weight if you’re stuck on what tog is best, the lower the tog the lighter the duvet.

open up

Throw open your doors and windows to get a breeze going through your home, it’s time to let the outside in and cool off for the summer nights.

Spritz away

If you’re still struggling to drift off, try applying an ice pack or a cold damp cloth to the back of your neck, or give your Night Spray a couple of spritzes and you’ll drift off before you know it.