The Great British Guide To… The School Run

Aaahhh… the school run, famously more complex than an episode of University Challenge. There are so many factors to consider, frankly, it’s a miracle we make it out of the door at all. Shoes strewn across the floor, bookbags mysteriously vanishing during the night, not to mention actually trying to get to school before the bell rings. Every morning is disorganised chaos. But fear not, we’re here to try and make the dreaded school run just that little bit easier.

Anything is possible quote

Get a head start

We totally get it, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day but if you can spare 20 minutes in the evenings to pack lunches, retrieve bookbags and line up shoes by the door we promise, your mornings will run a lot smoother and eventually those shoes will start to reappear!

Wake up earlier

We know, getting out of bed is hard enough, let alone 20 minutes earlier but if you spend some time alone mentally and physically preparing yourself for the day, you’ll feel super-organised by the time you wake up the kids. Sorry, it still won’t make you very popular first thing in the morning.

Lift Share

Try and take advantageof that friendly neighbour or your fellow school mum and take turns driving.Not only are you saving money on petrol, but you can enjoy an extra 5 minutes in bed – pure bliss!


We’re not talking about a daily 2 mile hike here but if you can, walking to school will make life so much easier. Not only are you all waking up with fresh air, just think of the arguments you’ll avoid over who gets to sit in the front seat.

The fact is, sometimes it’s really bloody difficult to keep the Universe spinning and while you feel the judgemental eyes of other parents in the playground because your son occasionally looks like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, they’re probably having the same morning. Yes, even that perfect PTA mum who always makes gluten-free brownies during the bake sale. Note to self, must get the recipe for that one.