The Mighty Christmas Run Up

‘Tis the season to be jolly, well I’m sure whoever made up that one didn’t have hyperactive children and a small country’s worth of food to cook.

While Christmas is indeed, very jolly, it can be bloody hard work too and each year when it rolls around, our feeble attempt at organisation goes out the window and World War 3 erupts, trust us, we’ve all been there. With a small army of children between us, Truly have banded together to share our advice on making it to Christmas day without completely erupting!

Let’s start with the Christmas food. Good god, there’s a lot of it! And how is there more every year? If you’re not blessed with a giant fridge/freezer, luckily some large supermarkets offer deliveries right up to Christmas so your food will be nice and fresh without taking over every room in your house. 

Truly place setting with large Truly constellation plate in Charcoal and Truly small constellation plate in ivory.

The festive season can be so busy it’s a miracle we find time to buy presents in the first place, let alone wrap them, nativity outfits need to magically appear, presents for teachers need to be bought and let’s not forget about the endless Christmas parties. Before you know it, Christmas is two days away and you’re left with a shed load of presents, roughly around the same height as Mount Everest. Our Founder, Tara’s lifesaver tip is to wrap the day you buy something and place it in a sack dedicated to each family member and before you know it, your presents are all wrapped!

Christmas cards. The word alone sends shivers down my spine. What if I forget someone? Do I send one to that weird uncle? Where do I even keep anyone’s addresses anymore? We’ve all been there. Take twenty minutes out of your day at the beginning of December and write a list of everyone you can remember, that way, if you forget someone, chances are it will probably come back to you later! To make life even easier, try sending eCards, while your older relatives may still appreciate a traditional Christmas card, the younger generation often doesn’t mind. So if you forget someone at the last minute, you won’t miss the last Christmas posting dates.

So hang tight, we’ll get through Christmas together!