What Do You Get if You Mix…

What Do You Get if You Mix…

a design guru
a dragon
a bunch of passionate, obsessive individuals

Truly sign

Truly was born out of a desire by Tara and Peter to produce beautiful things with high quality, everyday products which would make life easier for everyone.

Welcome to Truly HQ in Marlow, England, we started the company with 4 highly skilled and enthusiastic women crammed into a little office, but within 6 months the team had doubled in size. Head over and meet some of the team.

We’re a group of individuals who have a strong passion for family life and all have a deep desire to use our skills to make a difference and be part of something special which is core to our values.

By working directly with a large proportion of our manufacturers, we are able to ensure that you, the consumer, is getting the best product at the best price with suppliers that we are proud to be working with. Every effort has and continues to be made to make sure our products are as sustainable as possible.

Our Founders

With her creative energy, Peter’s other half Tara is really the heart of the brand; making her the perfect person to spearhead Truly and create, produce and deliver beautiful products that make life easier.

“I’m constantly inspired by the Truly team, and we’re working hard to generate new ideas for products we’d love to have at home ourselves. The product development process has been wholly collaborative, the launch collection is a reflection of the Truly family, and that’s something I’m really proud of.”
– Tara

While you may know Peter as the hard-nosed cheeky dragon, we know him fondly as our modern-day Superman. Like a real-life superhero, Peter is a phenomenal entrepreneur who knows how to build a business from the ground up.  

“I’m immensely proud and excited about Truly. It’s been over two years in the making and I believe our products will speak for themselves, both in terms of quality and design. I’m blown away by everyone’s constant enthusiasm and creativity to produce outstanding, yet affordable lifestyle pieces. Tara and the team have spent months searching for the best suppliers, both in the UK and around the globe in order to create the perfect Truly collection.”

Peter Jones and Tara Capp black and white image for Truly promo.

The Truly Foundation

The Truly Foundation aims to make a real difference and it’s because of this passion we want to help those less fortunate and support initiatives that have a positive impact on our environment. Caring for people, the environment and our communities is really important to us. Therefore, we will be donating up to 5% of sales to The Truly Foundation where funds will be provided to the charities we are helping. Read about our Foundation here

Our promise to you….

We can’t do your weekly food shop, babysit the children or even un-cook the burnt roast dinner but we promise to provide high quality, thoughtful, affordable products that will fit in with your particular lifestyle and needs. We are the thoughtful brand, that helps you take life seriously, without taking yourself too seriously.

“We’ve got you… go ahead and do your thing!”