These Small Changes Will Transform Your Life

Let’s be perfectly honest, January is possibly everybody’s least favourite month, the Christmas madness is over, it’s still dark and gloomy by 5pm and the hundreds of Facebook updates about New Year’s resolutions begin to wear thin. So instead of informing your online friends daily about the perils of giving up chocolate, why not try our wellness tips? These small changes that will benefit you in the long run.

Help others

My mother always taught me to do one good deed a day and I try my very best to remember this rule. It can be as simple as helping a lady with a pushchair down the stairs or giving your spare change to a homeless man. The smile received in return restores your faith in humanity.

Get up 10 minutes earlier

We’ve all heard the saying, start as you mean to go on and your day never starts well if you’re frantically running around. Resist the urge to hit the snooze button and instead use those extra ten minutes to fit in a quick morning yoga routine, eat a proper breakfast instead of shovelling down a bowl of cereal or spend some more time with the family. Read our post on how to wake up earlier.

Think positively

Unfortunately, I’ve always been a glass half empty girl and up until recently, didn’t realise how much this affected my mood. Life is full of little inconveniences, a broken boiler, an expensive MOT, but it’s important to try and not to let these setbacks determine you. Try a morning affirmation every day to overcome any negative thoughts you may have, it’s my favourite go-to wellness tip.

Live in the moment

I know, it’s terribly cliché but simultaneously really important. We are often too caught up in looking back at the past or waiting to achieve a future goal, but never enjoying the present. Each day take five minutes to be present and remember all the positive things in your life.