Travelling With Children

Your family holiday is an exciting time. Topping up your tan whilst building memories with the kids; what’s not to like? But getting them there, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge. There are passports to hunt down, busy airports to negotiate, not to mention the countless toilet stops. Luckily, you can count on us for our top tips on travelling with children.

Pack activities

Whether they’re taking their first flight or a long car journey, make sure your children have enough games and activities to last. iPads are a gift from God during those tedious travelling hours but also see it as a chance for your children to get artistic; try packing some arts and crafts and allow them to unleash their hidden creative genius!

Get comfortable

Aeroplanes can be notoriously cold so make sure you are fully supplied with travel blankets, extra pairs of socks and comfortable pillows. This way you have a better chance of your darling little cherubs to fall asleep – which is five minutes of pure bliss for you! For added comfort, try our cashmere travel set, complete with eye mask so you can enjoy some well-deserved shut-eye.

Stock up on supplies

From wet wipes to plasters; ensure you’re covered. Granted, we do bang on about wet wipes every opportunity we can get, but they are a literal lifesaver and not just for mucky hands – they’re also great for cleaning sticky aeroplane seats and mopping up spilt drinks (bound to happen at some point.)

Pack a travel bag for each child

Not only will they feel special with their own personal travel bag, but it should keep them quiet (at least for a few minutes!) The key trick here is to make each bag slightly different from others, depending on what your child likes, but not too varied that causes arguments. A fine line, we know but makes travelling with children just that little bit easier.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks

If your kids are anything like ours, they are hungry every 5 minutes, so always come prepared with a shed load of snacks. We would recommend dried foods like nuts and popcorn as well as some fresh fruit and veg. For food-spiration, try reading our post on healthy snacks here.

Stretch your legs

Agreed, walking up and down the aeroplane cabin isn’t the most inspiring, but it should help to tire out your children as well as relieving that inevitable leg cramp. If you’re driving, try and stop once or twice; most service stations have play areas so you can all get some fresh air before embarking on the rest of your mammoth journey.

Travelling with children is a memory to cherish and one you should look back on with joy. Whether they were angels or slightly more difficult than expected; look back and laugh and try not to get too caught up on what your fellow passengers think, most of them will have been there themselves so trust us, you’re doing great.