Surviving Your Work Christmas Party

Three infamous words that can cause the calmest amongst us to be filled with a mixture of excitement, nerves, and utter dread, and no, not “I love you” but Work Christmas party.

Everyone has a tragic tale of a work Christmas party, where a rather naïve and arguably foolish colleague has embarrassed themselves (and if you can’t think of anyone, hint: it was you.) It could be a combination of accidentally putting their foot in it with Susan from finance (oops) drinking too much (a classic, and oh so classy), flirting with the boss or an unimpressed colleague (cringe), or even a full-blown brawl (nothing screams mature working professional quite like a fist fight at a works do.)

It transpires that a large percentage of the population doesn’t understand the term work Christmas party and focus rather heavily on the party aspect. You’re in the festive spirit, as it’s Christmas after all, so you indulge in a glass of wine or two (or more accurately seven), and all hell breaks loose. So, what can you expect from your work’s Christmas party? Is it really all doom and gloom?

Try to get to know your colleagues better

Aside from the painful small talk, and enduring Nick’s not-so-funny jokes, the office party is a great opportunity to establish a better relationship with your colleagues. Who knows, you could meet your new work BFF or lift share partner. Just remember to try and not just talk about work.

Use this festive opportunity to find out if you have things in common. If you don’t happen to meet your future work wife, at least you’ve had a great opportunity to perfect your fake laugh which will come in handy when meeting the in-laws (…silver linings!).

Don’t expect to drink all night and not regret it

A common regret of previous party goers is the obvious; drinking one too many and embarrassing themselves. It makes for some great office gossip for the following year, however if you’d like to keep your reputation intact and avoid cringe-fuelled flashbacks hitting you in the middle of the night, then it’s wise to stick to a maximum of two drinks, or if you do wish to drink more, drink slowly and sip water in-between.

We know we sound like your mum but being that guy at the Christmas party can cost you your reputation, and even worse; potentially your job. Save the big party blowouts and embarrassing yourself for when you are with your mates and not your boss. There is nothing worse than doing the walk of shame into the office on Monday morning unable to make eye contact with your team.

Do expect to dress to impress

Picking the perfect party dress and seeing each other outside of work attire is an amazing opportunity to get to see the real person behind the suit.  Despite the event being out of work hours, it’s wise to remember you’re still at work function, therefore work etiquette (including dress code) still applies. Trust us on this one! You’ll save yourself any potential embarrassment and will able to hold your head high when walking the corridors the following week.

If you abide by our top tips, you (thankfully) won’t be the star of the office gossip and will be able to enjoy your Christmas break with a clear conscious. Phew! If you have any unforgettable work Christmas party tales, get them off your chest and tweet us @TrulyGroup.

Merry Christmas to our Truly family,