Working From Home

It’s National Work From Home Day. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? No tedious commute, working from the comfort of your sofa – pure bliss! But, sometimes a day away from the office can be just as unproductive as sitting in traffic. With washing to be done and kids to pick up; it’s no wonder we’re struggling together anything done. Have a read of our top tips to make that day at home beneficial…

Get dressed

We’re not talking suit and heels here but getting out of your PJ’s will certainly make you more productive and feel a bit human again. Or at least give yourself till 5 before you get back into your favourite silk pyjamas.

Set up an ideal work space

While it’s oh so tempting to stay in your warm bed all day, the chance of getting any work completed is not particularly high. Instead, try and set up a tidy workspace, similar to your office environment. A dining table usually works best as you’re better off sat upright. 

Try not to get too bogged down in the life-min

While life admin is always inevitable, and particularly so when you’re already home. Try to give it a backseat for the day; you’ll only get stuck in a never-ending whirlwind of bills, which is never fun.

Set goals

We love a to-do list and find it’s the only thing that keeps us productive (and sane!) At the beginning of your day, take 5-10 minutes to write down everything that you need to get done by the end of the day. Looking at your list throughout the day will help to keep you focused, try one of our Shagreen Journal Notebooks for productivity and style!

Get rid of all distractions

And yes, that includes the shopping links from your favourites bar! Internet shopping can be a blessing and a curse, but when it comes to getting any work done, it’s fatal!

Give yourself a break

This one is so important and probably a lot easier to do than being stuck in the office all day under the watchful eye of your boss! If you can, step away from the house and get at least 15 minutes of fresh air. Trust us, you’ll feel much more refreshed and energised once you’re back!