Your Holiday Pamper Routine

When temperatures rise, it’s hard to feel your best. Instead of battling the heat, why not stay in and give yourself a Truly well-deserved summer pamper break?

Read on for our refreshing tips to help you feel cool, calm and collected this summer.

opt for a shower instead of a bath

We all tend to take more showers in the summertime, as it’s a great way to refresh yourself quickly. To make your daily shower feel more like a pampering treat, try our Day Foaming Bath and Shower Gel? It also contains peppermint, which has been known to have cooling properties. Once winter returns, just add to your bath to make it all that more luxurious.

drink lots of water

Our body needs water all year round, but in the summer it’s crucial to top up those fluids! Adults are recommended to drink around two litres of water per day. Stock up on Fluted Tumblers to add a touch of glamour.

Keep your pillowcases in the freezer

Once your summer pamper session has finished, retrieve your favourite pillowcases from the freezer for a cool night’s sleep.

lather on the body oil

After showering and exfoliating, heavy creams can seem like hard work. Instead, simply smooth on our lightweight Night Dry Body Oil.  Massage gently into damp skin for optimum hydration.

Slip on the Silk

To be Truly pampered, you need to feel the part as well as look it. Don’t wear heavy synthetics, instead, slip on our Silk Chemise and luxuriate in the soft, cool fabric against your skin.